2021 in Black and White

In the summer of 2020 I made a photo series on holiday in the North, that gave me a deeper love for photography and a better understanding of the kind of pictures that I like to make: memories filled with the people I love, everyday shots of what I find most important.

Our dear friend Motiejus called us on a Sunday in June to say that he was in the Netherlands and he proposed to visit us. He stayed with us for a couple of weeks, it was great fun! On the Saturday after midsummers we were sitting in the garden and I told him about my wish to make another series like that and also have a better analog camera. He replied: "It's already summer, what are you waiting for?". So I hopped on my bike to buy some rolls of film at Foto Verweij.

When I stepped inside, I saw that they had a large collection of vintage cameras on display. They bought the complete inventory from a private collector. This guy had all the models of analog Nikon cameras, with the appropriate lens. What most caught my eye was a Nikon FE with a 50mm f1.8 lens from the early 80's. It was without a scratch and even had the plastic factory cover on the bottom plate attached. After a slightly uncomfortable call with my other half, I decided to buy this lovely camera. What you see here is a selection of photos I made with it during the second half of 2021.